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Trust: Products & Services is one of the leading value-for-money brands for digital accessories of PC, laptop, tablet and Smartphone.  Their products are different kind of accessories for electronic gadgets ranging from webcams to USB Bluetooth adapters. Drivers for the particular product can be directly downloaded from their website by giving the product 5-digit item number.

Trust: Company Background is a privately owned company based at Netherlands,  founded by Michel Perridon. They have been in the business since from 1983 to produce attractive and affordable products that follow the latest trend and technology developments. is an international company and they are having their active networks in Europe, Asia and South America.

Trust: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Most of their products are having excellent reviews on the online websites like,, etc. There is a customer feedback about one of their product misalignment that the customer recommended for everyone. There is also a suggestion being asked by a user of Trust product on, as they aren’t able to help due to insufficient information. There is no editorial commentry present for this website.

Trust: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

This company is not accredited or rated by Better Business Bureau. They have their frequent press releases about their products. Trust became one of the team sponsors for Minardi F1 team. That sponsorship was moved to Jordan Grand prix in 2004. Also Trust sponsored many Formula 1 teams. Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber had the Trust name visible on the chin bar of their helmets.

Trust: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa is ranking Trust in a position of 69,558 globally and 7,010 in Netherlands. In the last 30 days the percent of site traffic is 29.7%.  Most of this website user is male aged between 25-34. Its Google Page Rank is 5 out of 10 possible ranking values. This website’s average daily visitors are about 16,140.

Trust: Social Media Presence

They don’t have a blog for their website but they are present on Facebook, having 1,600 likes. The also have 22 talking about this company on Facebook. On You Tube Trust are having 7 subscribers and 7,304 views for their video. They have their presence in LinkedIn with 78 members from April 25, 2008 to to date.

Trust: Website Security & Safety

Trust is not selling their products directly from their website. So they don’t have any secured connection from their website. Products are sold by third party websites depending on the location which are mostly SSL secured. This website is not listed as suspicious on Google’s diagnostic page. Over the past 90 days, no malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time suspicious content was found on this site was on 2012-11-27. Malicious software includes 11 trojans.

Trust: Pricing & Packages

Trust is not providing any details about their product price information on their website directly for their variety of products. It’s providing the details about the product features, product specification and support information. But the price details are available on their third party websites where the products are sold online.

Trust: Shipping Rates & Policies

Trust doesn’t have any shipping policies and shipping rates for their products because they are selling their products through third party websites depends on the location. The products are being shipped by third party websites to the most of the European countries based on the location. There are no any details about the shipping issues.

Trust: Payment Methods Accepted

Trust is not selling or dealing any of their products directly from their website as they are dealt by third party websites. So there is no information available about payment method on their website. But most of their third party websites are accepting Visa, Master credit/debit cards, PayPal, Google Wallet, solo, Delta etc.


Trust: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The company does not provide any details about the return, refund & exchange policy as the products are dealt with third party websites. But the third party websites which are dealing with their product have their own return, exchange and refund policy. There is no information available about the issues of refund and exchange.

Trust: Product images & screenshots
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